Monday, January 29, 2007

The Ahwahnee ~ another part of part 2

The Famous Ahwahnee, completed in 1927, was conceived to attract affluent and influential guests to Yosemite. The site for the hotel, once a village of the native Miwoks, was chosen because of its exposure to the sun and stunning views of Yosemite's icons - Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and Glacier Point. Unique design influences of The Ahwahnee include Art Deco, Native American, Middle Eastern and the Arts & Crafts Movement.
After a long Morning of admiring and taking in everything the National Park had to offer, we had worked up an appetite. So we decided to try the "Grand" dining at the Ahwahnee. I had the "three herb quiche with warm spinach salad and a light vinaigrette dressing". It was deliciously divine!
These pictures really do not do this Historical place justice! When you walked in, everything was glowing, warm, rustic and inviting. I could only imagine how many people have visited this beautiful hotel. If the walls could only talk ........


  1. The Miwoks were ultra talented individuals I am sure. It's amazing; I bet that we could learn a lot from them. That artwork above the door is fab-dab-ulous! It looks like a warm and cozy room, especially compared to the snow frozen adventure you shared earlier.

  2. I love this place...I have spent many weekends at Yosemite...this is always a must !!!!! Makes me want to jump right up and go! :-)
    Thanks for posting Angela!

  3. It is a dream of my partner's, to go to Yosemite, and now I know why! I have never seen anything like this in my life - those frozen waterfalls are spectacular, and as for the hotel - I've never seen a fireplace that big anywhere! Big enough to hold a bonfire! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing these photo's, and your thoughts. It's absolutely amazing!
    Suze (in little ol' England!)

  4. O! Is that turquoise I seeee???? Turquoise EXCITES me, I have to have Indian in me somewhere!!! If there were past lives, I've always imagined that's what I was, an Indian girl that just LOVED to ride her horse all day!!!maybe hunting for turquoise stones! LOL That fireplace warms me up right now by just looking at it! You should seeeee all the snow we are getting as I type this Angela! and those tables reminded me of Jackson Mills, a place where I used to go as a young 4-Her! but they sure didn't have those beauty full floors!! Wow! Yosemite looks like a grand place to visit! I think I have something about Yosemite on my early writings on my Blog, a pic and Darlene had to tell me what it was! Happy Tuesday! xo, Cinda

  5. It is beautiful. It has a grandness, doesn't it???
    I will have to check out the Yosemite photos too, hadn't realized you posted.
    Art Deco and Native are two of my favorite styles as well, this place speaks to me! I must go there!!!

  6. Angela Dear: Thank you for the email advice. I will try posting again and see if we can be successful. The hotel is so beautiful. Jill and Jaya spent the first night of their honeymoon there! I spent the first night of my honeymoon in Yosemite too. on a mattress in the back of an old station wagon. (46 years ago)
    What a memory!

  7. We grew up going to Yosemite every year for a camping trip! I loved it! It was so much fun being in a tent and roasting marshmellows by the fire. My family couldn't ever afford to go to the Ahwahnee hotel but I always remember walking through it with a sense of wonderment. My dad finally got to take my mom there when we were older so at least she really enjoyed it!

  8. Great pics...I recognized the Dining hall from pics my brother took several years ago when he worked a cook!

    When his vision started going, he wanted to see the world. He quit his job, went to France, Italy, England & then took a job there for the summer. LOL, after about 3 weeks the restruant fired him (he couldn't see well enough to cook properly){eke}& he had to work the lodge. But the memories & the sights are some of the best for him. He says that one has to go for at least one month to catch a glimpse of all the beauty.

    Thanks For Sharing!

  9. skinnylittleblond~ my little sister also worked there! She was there for a whole summer! She loved it, said it was a great experience and you have to stay there much longer to really be able to take it all in! OR you miss it.

    Thank You for sharing!

  10. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! I've never been to Yosemite ~ it remains on my dream list of places to go~ but I have really enjoyed visiting vicariously through your pictures! It's truly majestic!