Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Inside of the Bed and Breakfast

In the garden outside of the Bed and Breakfast

Charlie and I had four glorious days away from home, in a charming little Bed and Breakfast nestled in Pacific Grove. It was just what the Doctor had ordered! We got some real R&R not only for both of our bodies, but as well as our mind and soul. This was such a treat for us, only because when we do get away, we almost always take our trailer; which consists of a lot of preparation. In staying at a B&B, you get spoiled with breakfast being made for you and your choice of "hot tea or wine and cheese" (I use the quotations around these two, because you could have made a dinner out of the delightful spread of h'ordeuvres our host Diane would lay out) in the afternoon. It was beautiful and made you feel absolutely pampered!

We found ourselves outside a lot enjoying the garden and have started rethinking the way we have our own yard. Charlie and I would like to incorporate the gardens little nooks of tranquil and peaceful surroundings where one can meditate and enjoy the nature of being outdoors. We already have some designs on how we want to do that and I am really excited about them!

I believe almost half of the valley were vacationing in the Monterey County! In talking with the guest that also stayed at the B&B we learned that they lived only thirty minutes (give or take a few) from where we live. In addition, Charlie and I went to a Restaurant called the Fish House (which I highly recommend), and found out if you don't have reservations, there is a long wait. In waiting, everyone started talking with one another and again I found out, a couple lived where I grew up. We immediately felt that we knew each other somehow because we both thought from the start, we looked very familiar to one another. I love how this happens, although it does boggle the mind in how small the world really is after all.

*Click on photo to enlarge ~ I couldn't choose in what photo's to upload, so I am cheating and put them into two different colleges.


  1. Angela this place is beautiful. I love the window looking into the garden, and the blue and white Spode plates. It all looks so relaxing, and to not have to cook and clear up...Bliss.
    I'm so glad you had a good time.

  2. Oh Angela, how wonderful that you and C were able to do this.

    Don and I are looking ahead to when we can do something like that after my radiation.

    There is no place like Pacific Grove and Monterey.... love them both.

    Wanda Mom

  3. I am so glad that you and Charlie had a get a way you both really deserved it.

    big hugs and lot's of LOVE

    love you

  4. You are gathering more times to treasure. What a gift you have given yourselves.

    Please let me know the information about the B&B. We travel to the West coast from time to time and have found that B&B's are quite nice.

    Your photos are spectacular as usual.

    I agree with your comment about running into people at the most unexpected times. I am convinced that there is no such thing as coincidence. We meet folks who will teach us a lesson, or for whom we have a lesson to teach. Either way it can be quite exhilarating or even painful. I prefer the former to that latter, but the latter are just as important.

    Give my best to Charlie.

    I look forward to before and after photos of your garden.