Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Thoughts

In Pacific Grove, the side streets are lined with old houses that have been turned into charming cafes, or little boutiques filled with treasures that are made from local artists and can not be found anywhere else. The houses have been painted with contrasting colors you would never imagine putting together here in the valley. This is one of the reasons why I love Pacific Grove. The steps are also lined with colorful blooming pots and window boxes that are always filled with happy flowers and cascading plump sweet alyssum. With all of the color that your eyes see, it just makes you want to re paint your house and plant flowers in everything and everywhere!

At work, our milk man is 66; I have never seen anyone with such a positive attitude. He always leaves me with a question to ask myself. This morning he said, "Well Angela, Peter Pan told Wendy she had to think of a happy thought in order to fly. What is your happy thought?" He always makes me ponder the question he has left me with (I am a deep thinker); happy thoughts lift you up opposed to thoughts that drag you down. Life is what you make it.

I hope today and always that you are flying with your happy thoughts and letting go of the ones that drag you down.

Fly ~ Fly High



  1. Anything connected with Pacific Grove gives me happy thoughts... that sea gull flying overhead, wasn't a sea gull it was me, waving to you.... didn't you see me??

    My girlfriends in Hughson, give me many happy thougts.

    Love you...
    Wanda Mom

  2. Your milkman is another of your angels on earth. Listen to him. Look for the positive.

    Even better, make the positive happen. You have a head start by capturing those positive events with your camera. You have a keen eye for beauty.

    Today is another day in which to excel.

  3. you give me happy thoughts!

    the milk man seems like he is a very wise gentleman.

    big hugs lot's of Love


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  5. Those flowers are sight for sore eyes. How pretty..!
    It's nice to have contact with a person like your milkman, I think it sets you up for the day. He sounds like a nice person.

  6. Oh, I love this man as a brother already! What a neat thing to spread as he delivers milk! That would be joy!