Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Spring Hat

I got a telephone call from my sweet niece Alexis the other day to let me know about the new project her class was doing. She was so excited about it and talking so fast that I could barely understand her at first. Giggling, I had to tell her to slow down and start again. As she slowly started again, I could understand why she was so excited. Alexis loves to do crafts! The class project was creating their own spring hat by adding whatever they wanted to them. Alexis was laughing and telling me about Jimmy (a boy in her class), and what he already put on his hat; grass and a toy bunny with eggs on it. I asked her if she had any plans on how she was going to design her hat? Did she have plans! I gave her a Michael's Craft Gift card so that she could pick out what she wanted for her birthday that she recently had and she was excited about being able to use that for her hat. She went on to tell me that they (my baby sister Kiersten and Alexis) were going to have a "Mommy and Daughter day." I might want to add how special this is right now, only because my sister just had her fourth baby. They truly needed a day like this and I believe this day will be tucked away in both of their hearts to recall on as a sweet memory.

My sister Kiersten sent me a picture of the finished project.

Isn't it beautiful?!

This brought back memories of when I did this when I was her age. I have to tell you. . . I had forgotten about it until my niece Alexis shared her class project with me.

Did you make a spring hat when you were little?


  1. I don't think I did but I think Nana Garcia made one for me! it was crocheted of course.

    sending you big hug and lot's of love

    p.s mommy and daughter days are special and fun but so is Auntie and niece days we should have one sometime!!!

  2. I don't remember making or decorating a Easter hat, but I do remember that every year on the Saturday before Easter, Daddy would take us to town and buy a new dress, shoes, gloves and hat...It was the most special day of the year. Mother did all the other shopping with us...But Daddy did Easter.
    Thanks for bring back that memory.
    Wanda Mom