Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Traveling Light

Charlie's cousins Harley

I have always had a fascination with motorcycles. I don't want to be the driver, but would love to be the one on the back seat. I want the leather chaps, jacket and long hair blowing with the speed of the wind behind me... okay, I'm getting real ~ it would have to be in a braid because it would be a tangled mess. But, I want the whole nine yards and I can hear the music now!

Last year Charlie was looking at used Harley Davidson's before we knew that he had cancer. This last summer would have been the summer that Charlie and I had plans to just take off for the weekend and travel light. We had to give up that dream because life had other plans for us. When we head off with our trailer behind us on one of our camping excursions, it never fails that we will hear the roar of these beautiful bikes pass by us. Charlie and I will just look at each other and silently say in our mind to each other, 'Maybe next year baby.' My heart sinks every time with green envy, thinking that could be us. But, then I know that deep in my heart that it wasn't our time to experience that dream. It does gives us something to talk about for the future though. We have a little joke about the dogs and what would we do with them; we take them everywhere with us. I tell Charlie that we could get one of those side carts and put the girls (the chi's) in there. He would chime in, "Don't forget about Jack (our Rottweiler)." We will have to get them helmets; the one's with little spikes or horns. Can't you just picture us now? Varooom!


  1. I just love the idea of making plans to set your soul free in more ways than one.

    If you never get to go on the open road, you still have the dreams.

    In the meantime, keep refining the plan.

    My best to you and Charlie. Hope all is well with him.

  2. Sending love and peace your way along with every blessing!

  3. what an awesome dream! and one summer before you know it, you two will be living it! ( you can customize the sides seats for Jack and the girls!!!

    sending you big hugs and love


  4. I hope it all works out for you guys and the dogs. It will but you just don't know it yet.

    I will be publishing a story tomorrow that will knock your socks off, but then on Friday it will be the wildest cakes you ever laid your eyes on. Honest to Pete.

    It is a group of ladies seated in straight back chairs, all reading their Bibles.

    You need to tell you friends. Those pictures made that issue of my Draw magazine the most read issue we ever published.

    I even got Wanda linked up tomorrow.

  5. There's just something magic about a Harley. Hold on to that dream.

  6. I once took off to the Welsh coast on a 50cc scooter. After a day in the saddle my bum ached, I got froze while going over the Welsh mountains, my arm hurt (perhaps riding with a broken wrist was a bad idea). When I got there, because I had to pack so light, I had nothing to cook with, and I had to sleep on the hard ground with nothing soft under me. I took the scenic route home through the Snowdonian moutains, it took so long that when I got off my machine I walked like John Wayne.
    It was one of the best trips EVER, and I would do it again and again.
    Stop twiddling your thumbs and go and get that bike... what's stopping you?!

  7. I love those ideas. Some day it may come true. We had to give up a dream last year but it has worked out for the best. Had we gone through with our plans life would be really tough right now.

  8. Oh my goodness Angela, you never shared with me your "Harley" dreams.

    Don't you know me and Pastor Dad are Harley "wantabees" We've got the checkbook covers, key chains, lamps and calendars.... But like you, I long for the leathers and the speed!!!

    You and Charly are still young, but me and pop will just stay wantabees.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom