Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trial Run

painted barn door at the pumpkin patch

We had "Thanksgiving Dinner" at our school this last Friday. My day started with preparing this feast... not even forty five minutes into it, I realized that I needed help when I noticed the time and had not even started my breakfast for the kids. It just so happened that this day there was much more prepartion needed than a normal day. I panicked! I called Armanda, my trusty sidekick that comes in an hour and a half later than me, and asked her if she could come NOW! She was great and dropped whatever she was doing and was there to help me in a jiffy. I couldn't have done it with out her. I had to go back after my shift and help serve lunch; because there was so much food. Armanda and I were kind of surprised with ourselves when we were asked by the staff, "who made this great meal," by replying (just looking at each other dumbfounded, like who made this?) "Well, I guess we did." Later when we were washing the dishes, Armanda had mentioned to me that we made a turkey dinner for close to one thousand people. We were kinda shocked at that thought. Not that, that number changes. It is just that when we go in at the start of each day, we look at the menu and just prepare. We just do it with out really thinking about what we are really doing in numbers (If that makes any sense). She was pretty impressed with this thought and the seriousness of what we are doing. She then added that we could work for a restaurant. Hell's Kitchen ~ I don't think so.

Before you knew it, we were putting away the left over food, wiping tables and cleaning the kitchen. We all had to laugh at how it was... we prepared, served, they ate, we cleaned, it was over.

I felt wiped out when I got home. We had all joked about this just being a trial run with having to prepare and have our actual Thanksgiving festivities still ahead of us. I am grateful my mom will be having Thanksgiving at her home this year.
Thank you mom! I will be helping.


  1. It is true. There are angels everywhere. At your school they have names - Angela Marie and Armanda. How fortunate your school is to have you there. How fortunate the rest of us are to be able to share in your life.

    Thanks for sharing. My day is much better already.

  2. You are so appropriately named! It is no small feat to do what you and your friend did! And you were tired. Well, yes! Of course.

  3. What a lucky bunch of kids at school with you and Armanda in the kitchen. Like Santa's elf's.

    I could smell the turkey, and gravy.

    Miss you dear...
    Wanda Mom

  4. PS I love the painted barn door, but then you knew I would.

  5. Hi Angela ~~ come by ~~I tagged you... play if you want to!

  6. I bet those kids enjoyed the wonderful feast!! it is nice your mom will be doing it for you I am doing our own. and then getting ready sometime to finish the rest of the tamales for our gathering in Dec! you my dear are an angel!

    sending you hugs and love