Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thanks Martha Stewart

This last weekend, my husband got a Christmas tree. I was feeling a little pressured about putting the Christmas decorations out and I've been dragging my feet in doing so. I started to dive in and get it done but just wasn't feeling the flow of where things should go. So I quit. Our Christmas tree stood in our house bare as can be for a week due to some things that came up that needed some attention. This last Sunday, I told myself come hell or high water, I was going to get that tree done. It took me two days to get the lights on. As I was putting on the lights, I was thinking to myself, 'How did I get stuck with putting on the lights? When did it become my job?' So, I asked my husband as he was walking by, "How did I get stuck with putting the lights on the tree?" My husband replies, "You like to wrap each limb with the strand of lights, remember? Like Martha Stewart." I stated back, "I have changed my mind. You can do it." Husband replies, "My back hurts (and it really did, but he wouldn't have done it anyways ;))." grrr ~ sigh. I am thinking about getting those lighted bush nets and throwing it on the tree...


  1. I can still see a little green...Angela! But you made me laugh so was worth it!!! You are a funny girl..Thanks for making my day!!! :) I you are right...Charlie is not Martha Stewart!!

  2. I feel you! I don't know when it became my job to put the tree up and
    put the lights and all the decorations on it but somewhere it did and all my husband and kids get to do is admire it!!! I even do the
    putting away. well Martha I am not!
    I realized though that if I wanted it done right I would have to do it myself!! ( you know) I guess it will never end it is my permanent job once a year!!!!

  3. Oh goodness. I wish I was there to help you. I'm in love with my very real looking fake tree because of the ordeals like you're describing. I never thought I'd get one. But here I sit - year three with the same one and it still looks real.

    My distaste for stressful decorating overcame my shame of having a fake tree. hee!

  4. I have a little fiber optic tree that we all just LOVE!!! One year I put out 3 Christmas trees out on our front porch + one down in the basement! Phew! Where's that gal when YOU need her??? LOL I've been dragging my feet too, but finally I'm getting in the mood!

  5. You are too funny ;)

    That tree is gonna look fantastic, I'm sure of it.

    Us guys can be a little 'less helpful' than we could be at times lol

    All the same your tree's gonna light up the house and fill it with Christmas magic.

    So all your hard work wont be in vain ;)

    Still... make sure he gets you a glass of egg nog at least for when you're done ;)

    Lots of love, M

  6. in my house, it is my husband and son's job to put up the lights ~ i love that tradition, they do the tree and lights and then we all put up the rest :)

    thinking of you ~ hugs! xox