Saturday, December 8, 2007


The quieter you become ~ the more you can hear.


  1. I like it too! Peace what a wonderful sound!

  2. Thanks, Angela! And peace unto you!

  3. This is beautiful Angela. Pastor D and I have seen these birds on our walk on the canal...Did you see them there, or are these from some other place and time.

    "My Peace I give unto YOU!"

  4. Wanda Mom ~ I also seen them on my walk and yes, they were beside the canal in the acre of dirt. It was beginning to storm, I wanted to get closer to them and they must of heard me, and started to move flapping their wings. It was beautiful. That was all you could hear... their wings flapping.

  5. Oh Angela,

    This is perfect.

    My whole body and soul are tingling with the spectacular beauty of this post.

    Thank you my friend,

    Love, M