Friday, December 7, 2007

I left my Heart In San Fransisco

Christmas tree in San Fransisco at Pier 39 taken with my camera phone

This last Saturday, my Nina chartered a bus to San Fransisco. My daughter Diandra, my sister Jessica and another aunt and her daughter also went. We have had this trip planned for a couple of months.
We left early in the morning. We had mimosa's (I don't know if that is spelled right) on the way up as well as a couple of raffles. As we drove across the bay bridge, I felt like a little girl entering a wonderland. The architect of the buildings were absolutely breathtaking. I had decided not to bring my camera and immediately felt myself beginning to have withdrawals. I plan to take the bus or Bart another day just to take pictures and have lunch. No one will even no I am gone. (wink ;))
One of the ladies had an idea and threw it at us. She suggested that we could all pitch in for a room at the hotel where the bus was going to drop us off and pick us up. That way we could go to the bathroom and leave our packages there if we wanted. Everyone loved that idea, so she ran across the street and came back to tell us they would rent us the room for $65.00! As we all got off of the bus, we handed her $2.00. We were just to go to the hotel desk and ask them for a key to the room for "Merced." We then all went our separate ways. Our first stop was Old Navy. I got all of my Christmas shopping done there for my Grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Yippee!
We also went into the Mall which I felt was very overwhelming.
I loved the store Anthropologie. As soon as I walked in, I felt as if I was home. I realized that I have never been happy with the way I dress myself. The clothes that were there, were exactly how I have always wanted to express myself.
There are a lot of people in San Francisco. A lot of people who know how to take what they want too. I got pick-pocketed. Hopefully, it was a male, because he took this cute little tampon purse I got from Wal*Mart just loaded with tampons. I bet he wasn't too thrilled by what he thought was just a score! Serves him (hopefully a him) right! It made me mad though. It was a cute little tampon holder...
We then loaded back on the bus at 4:00 to go to the Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39. We did some more shopping at Steve & Berry's. Everything in this store is under $20.00! We then had dinner. Walking back to the bus, there were different performers on the sidewalk. I enjoyed them and watching my daughter dance. She got some attention as well. We got back on the bus at 8:00 and then came home. It was a blast! My favorite part was spending a day with my family. I am looking forward to next year's trip to the city! I will definitely take my camera.
I love San Fransisco. The business of the city, and the people are so interesting. I didn't want to leave. It was then I understood the meaning in the title of that famous song.


  1. I will take the Bart with you I think that will be a blast!! I had such a good time with you all!! I can't wait till next year too! this year was my first time and I am so hooked!!!!
    I am so glad that we all had a great time. your photo came out well and during this time of year it does remind me of the lyric
    "it's Christmas time in the City"

    love you

  2. oh how wonderful!! someday i will make it to san francisco .. sigh

    and anthropologie ~ which we don't have in canada .. so sad ...

    glad you had such a fantastic time!! xox

  3. Angela,
    SF has always been my favorite city since a teenager. My best friend, Charlotte, and I would take the bus; sometimes hitch. We loved to just hang out with the locals trying to blend in even to the outfits we wore. (BTW, I love Anthropologie too. Such pretty and classic clothes.)
    So many great places to go, from the zoo to our favorite little town, Sausalito.
    You take a great picture even with your cell phone camera!

    Love ya

  4. Angela I can't believe we were in S.F. just days apart. As you can see from my post....I did take my camera and so glad! You got to go a lot more places on you bus trip. We were at Union Square all day!
    Glad you found the perfect store to express youself. Can't wait to see you!!
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. Angela
    What a fabulous time!
    And the tampon thief...I'll bet he was pleasantly surprised that he was now able to ride horses and go swimming with no trouble at all! (Wink)

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun! Well, except for the pickpocket. Scheesh!

  7. Sounds like a great trip - well except for the pickpocketing -

    I've always wanted to visit these places i've only heard about in songs ;)

    Lots of love to you and the family,


  8. It sounds like a great day!
    I've been there 25 years ago (am I that old?!)

  9. My birth-town! I got to spend some pre-Christmas time in SF back in 2001. But I was visiting a dying relative so didn't get to see any of the beauty. I think I may have to plan a holiday out there one of these years.