Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I Belong ~

Take time to smell the coffee!

I have wanted to go to The Queen Bean Coffee House for quite a while now and just hadn't taken the time to. In the past year or so, my daughter and her advisor would meet there to go over their research and other things on their agenda that needed to get done. She would come back and tell me about how the Queen Bean was decorated or what was going on and I would be oh so envious. We finally went to the Queen Bean and it is now a place that we catch up on what is going on with one another.

This charming little coffee house is indeed an old house located downtown that has been renovated into a business and has a BIG homey feel to it. In no time, you find yourself relaxed and not wanting to leave. On some evening's toward the end of the week, The Queen Bean will have poetry readings or a band come in a play music. Awesome, Awesome place!


  1. Looks adorable...but downtown where?? What town??

  2. Modesto ~ I thought there was a sign that said where it was. I'm sorry.. I'm so bad at that.

    I wish Hughson had something like this. Although I don't think it would get the same kind of business. :(

  3. I have heard of this place your photos make it look like a fun place I would so love to meet you there sometime to catch up

    sending hugs and love