Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Been Ruff ~

Our Simone has always had a distinct smell to her breath; not pleasant. When I thought that it could not get any worse than it was, it did. Her breath smelled of rotten fish. I noticed she wasn't eating her food, although when it was meal time, she was the first to come running to her bowl. The dots were not connecting. When wanting some kind of an answer, I google. Apparently, the "rotten fish" smell was probably a tooth with decay and infection. Our vet found a tumor growing on her gum and also an infection from an abscessed tooth. He gave her an antibiotic and we scheduled an appointment for surgery. Her tumor was sent away to see if it was cancerous and it came back benign. Simone had five teeth removed and needs to go back in six months to be rechecked for two more that are in question.

I am quite thrilled to be able to say, she is doing great and acts like a different dog. She has never been able to eat hard food and now she can. Simone is a sweetheart; full of love and wants to spread it around with wet kisses and fresh breath!

Ever since we have gotten our Miss Sophie, she has walked with a little skip in her left hind leg. We went camping two weeks ago and the second day in, she was keeping her left leg tight up into her. She loves our trips, but I could tell she was over it by Wednesday. I took her to our vet and it's what I expected... she has to have surgery on her knee. Apparently she has ruptured her Cranial Cruciate ligament. I dropped her off at the veterinarian hospital and her surgery is around 11:00 this morning... please say a prayer for her.

*UPDATE ~ Sophie is in recovery. She went through the surgery fine. They had to repair more than expected.... but she is good!!


Hugs and a heart felt thank you!


  1. Our pets are our extended family, aren't they. We do for Molly what we would do for a child. If you are going to have pets, you need to care for them like children... I'm glad your sweet pets have such good parents!!!

  2. keeping Simone and Sophie in my prayers for speedy and healthy recoveries!

    Love and Hugs

  3. Wanda mom! I think I'm on fb way too much! I read your comment and went looking for the "like" button! LOL!!


    I absolutely agree!

    LOVE YOU!!

  4. YEAH! So glad to hear your babies are doing well.