Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Tickled PINK!

It's Texture Tuesday and Kim's assignment is PINK! I couldn't make up my mind on which photo to use... so I just used all three! :)

This photo was taken on one of my morning walks while on holiday in Monterey, California. I got up before the sun kissed mother earth on it's side and was able to witness it ALL in it's magnificent glory! And then I thanked them both for sharing it with me. I used Kim Klassen's texture sweettart.

When my daughter was a toddler, she would wear a pink tutu over her jeans or leggings and dance throughout the house. When she put this pink dress with tulle peaking out of the bottom over her jeans, it made my heart smile with how some things stay true to one self no matter how old you get. Sweet! On this photo, I used Kim Klassen's texture not too shabby.

This photo was taken in Monterey along Cannery Row while listening to a young musician playing beautiful music on his guitar. My husband and I had just learned that his test showed no trace of cancer for the first time after doing numerous rounds of chemo. We were both relaxed, sitting in the sun and sipping our coffee's. People who have survived a near death experience often say "life flashed before their eyes." I wonder if this moment, full of emotion, would be one that flashed before mine. On this photo, I used Kim Klassen's texture Aurora.

You can see more "Pink" textured pics by clicking here.



  1. I agree all three are beautiful.

  2. You have a lovely blog. I love your quotes that you add (I add them too) and your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog which led me to yours.

  3. Oh Anglea, all three are so beautiful..but Diandra...just priceless.

    I just got an update from Alice Olson, and Ray was given the report of cancer free this week. He's been through a horrible ordeal too. He still has 5 weeks of radiation to make sure every little fragment is taken care of.

    Everytime someone beats the cancer, I do a little dance. God is Good.

  4. beautiful photography and texture art. having a grown daughter, i especially love the center one and the sentiments behind it.


  5. very beautiful photos and the pink texture makes them gives them such a beautiful appeal

    hugs and love