Sunday, June 19, 2011

I See You ~


Even though you're not with me anymore, I see you all the time. I see you in Jessica; the determination she has to figure out how to do something and ability to freely speak her mind. I see you in your grandchildren, Rob's mischievous smile and his sneaky cheating hand when playing any type of game. I also see you in him when he goes camping or fishing by himself. I see you in Diandra; a heart for research and the bow in her legs. I see you in Vincent; curious and observant nature. I see you in Evan, how he gets a particular look on his face right before he throws a fit. I see you in me, with the love for family.

I see you everywhere. Thoughts of you are always in my heart.


  1. Memories of our Dad's are precious to us aren't they! I posted some memories of my dad for Father's Day too.

  2. I ADORE this post it is so truthful and those are the very same things of him in all of you I do however see more of him/grandpa and grandma in you. I do see different things of them in all of you as well.
    such a loving post I know he his looking down from the heavens above with nothing but pure smile and pride at his family!
    love you so very much my mija

  3. Lovely post Angela. Your Dad was good looking!