Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Call ~

As I was making dinner, my daughter kissed me goodbye and left for a meeting. About five minutes later, my phone rang. I thought immediately it was my son calling as he drove home from his bay area commute. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it was my daughter. I thought to myself, 'Oh she just forgot to tell me something.' When I heard her voice say, "Momma?" I knew. She sounded like she was trying not to cry, and definitely scared. She said, "I got into an accident, I'm okay, but I'm scared momma, there is a man on the ground, please come quick."

Charlie was on his cell phone, and I told him in a panic stricken voice, our daughter got into an accident, and where... to go now. I had to turn the stove off and put the dogs up, and find my shoes. I thought it would be quicker for Charlie to leave and get to her than to wait for me to take care of everything around the house that needed to be taken care of.

My heart started to race even faster as I heard every siren start blaring in the little town where we live. It seemed as if they were on forever. I jumped into the car and turned the corner to where the accident was. I could see they had the whole street of Hatch road blocked off and there were fire trucks, sheriff cars, and ambulance vehicles everywhere. I couldn't see my daughter anywhere. I needed a visual! I had to park a block away and started running to where the emergency vehicles were gathered. I heard someone call my name and looked to see who it was. She happened to be the mother of one of my son's best friend's (a second mom to our son), who also happens to be a nurse; she walked up to the accident with me. Jana was a great comfort as she checked the accident before I was able to see anything, making sure I wasn't going to see anything that was going to throw me into shock greater than I started to experience.

As I saw our daughter standing next to her dad, my heart calmed a little. Then I saw the gentleman who hit our daughter, on the ground (my heart sank). I saw our daughter's car. As I looked around trying to take everything in, I then saw the big rig who had to pull over, it looked like in a rush, to the side of the road. There was also the big four wheel drive who pulled up after the accident and immediately blocked the road so that the other drivers could not go any further.

Our daughter told us, as soon as the accident happened, people stopped, it seemed out of no where and accessed the situation and mentioned they were nurses, paramedics that were off duty. She felt as if they were angels. They are angels!

The driver of the motorcycle spent one night in the hospital and wasn't badly hurt. Our daughter has to pull her seat up very close to the steering wheel, but the air bag didn't blow out luckily because the hit wasn't straight on. When the passengers side view mirror flew into the back seat of her car (she had the window down) it missed her head. My friend, the nurse, called later to check on all of us. Our neighbors and friends also came by to see how we were doing. My heart was full as I said my prayers before going to bed. I am very thankful and feel so blessed.

Sirens in our little town are always a harbinger of talk. What we all do when we hear those sirens go off: we start praying. After all, besides the people who are directly involved in the accident and the emergency crew, there is someone who will get the call.


  1. Oh Angela, I have to say I was trembling as I read the account. I am so so happy everyone is OK. These can be so a few inches making the difference.

    You will all be in my prayers... Will her car be fixable?

    I remember hearing those sirens in our little town..always a scare, and always a time to send up a prayer.

  2. Im so happy I have my little sister. Thank you Lord!

  3. Thanks to the Lord, it wasn't major. Happy to hear the motorcyclist was fine too. I too ride a bike and think of the dangers that are out there for us.

  4. So grateful that the Lord kept our girl safe my heart goes out to all of you. glad you are all safe

    big hug and love your way

  5. Wanda mom ~ I couldn't agree more with you. Charlie said it is fixable.