Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Silver Utensils

There was a lady at the Sonora Spring Festival whose boothe had scattered vintage sterling silver jewellery made out of antique silver utensils. I have seen cuffs or rings before and always had admired them, but had never seen talent like this. There were book markers, necklaces, ear rings, key rings and on and on I could go... Her pieces were beautiful!

I told the lady about my sister (whom shall remain nameless to protect her identity). My sister loves my mom's silver and has mentioned on several occasions that she would just love to make a ring or arm cuff out of my mom's silver. This last Christmas, I was helping my mom set her table for dinner before everyone showed up. I noticed quite a few pieces were missing and she didn't have a full set anymore. My mom expressed to me that with my step-dad helping a lot with washing the dishes, she has found some silverware in the garbage and thinks he doesn't see them while he scrapes the food off of the plate. We also then discussed how my sister always has had her eye on them. We had joked about how one day we might see rings or cuffs adorning her fingers and wrist made out of her silver.

When my sister arrived and pitched right in with helping and getting the food out on the table, she said, "I just love your silver mom!" I almost choked as my mom and I shot a look at each other with both of our eyebrows raised. As the lady listened to the end of my story, she started laughing hard and thanked me because she had not laughed like that in a long time and appreciated a good story!

Looking at my mom's silver... I have to admit, I could see a ring and cuff easily made out of the spoon and fork.



  1. Your Mom's silver would make pretty pieces of Jewelery!

    hugs and love

  2. I've seen jewelry made from silver flatware too, it's very nice.
    I didn't use to want Mum's flatware, but I confess every time I went through the old family photo albums I would take a couple..!Perhaps it was a good thing, as now she's gone and Dad's in a nursing home, I have no idea where those albums are.

  3. I'll put in my order for a arm cuff....

    Fun story Angela, and I think all you girls should have some jewerly from the silver.

    LOL:Wanda Mom

  4. Easy! Now that is something useful to do with sterling!

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