Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meet Me By The Mistletoe!

"I'll just be hanging round the mistletoe, hoping to be kissed."

Love Actually

My great gram had a walnut tree in her front yard that had green bushes of mistletoe in it and she asked if Charlie would cut it out. She suggested we tie red ribbon around single bunches of the cuttings and sell it. I asked her why she wanted the mistletoe cut out and she explained that it was killing her tree. She went on to tell me that it came from bird feces. I had no idea and was shocked to say the least. I will never forget the smirk on her face when she said to me, "I bet I know what you'll be thinking about the next time you get caught under the mistletoe." She was right. Every time. Well... It may start out that way, but I have gotten lost in some of those kisses and forgotten all about the bird poop.
; )

I did tie a red ribbon around single bunches and bagged them as she suggested. We put them all in a basket and sold every single bag for a dollar each.


•The growth of mistletoe had little to do with the bird droppings, and a lot to do with the birds themselves. Mistletoe seeds are extremely sticky and often latch onto birds’ beaks or feathers or the fur of other woodland creatures, hitchhiking to a likely host tree before dropping off and starting to germinate.

Information on mistletoe can be found here.


  1. And that is the Rest of the Story, as Paul Harvey used to say....

    Maybe that was just a little too much information... ha ha ha ha

    Mistletoe and Bird Poop...these are a few of my favorite things...ha ha ha ha...

    Seriously, this was a very entertaining post, and your Mistletoe and red ribbons is very sweet!

    Merry Christmas with love and hugs
    Wanda Mom

  2. Sometimes poop is what is needed for life to grow past the pain ... fertilizer for the soul and heart. LOL.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a healing New Year. Roland

  3. cool pic I know where you got those from ! regardless of the bird poop I love having a kiss under the mistletoe with Uncle Jeff

    love you bunches

  4. Wanda Mom ~ YOU made me laugh!

    Roland ~ I love the way you think!


    Too much fun...