Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time ~

Sharing some moments with you, that caught my eye.

My Annual shopping trip to San Francisco.

My sister Jessica and my two nephews, Vincent and Evan were here for a quick visit before heading back to the bay area. How they have grown!

From this angle in our home, you can see both of our trees.

Little Miss Simone is never too far from me. She is my little shadow.

As I walked into the living room on Christmas morning, there was an extra Christmas stocking from Santa, and it had my name on it! I almost cried as I opened each little gift. Santa put so much thought into each one. I still giggle and tears come to my eyes as I think about the detail. Charlie would chime in as I opened the gifts how what it was made out of was only the best; such as the stainless steel metal, and a bamboo handle. Too cute!

There were back-to-back movies featuring Cary Grant on TMC. He kept me company as I put the Christmas ornaments away; the good man he is/was.

Another Christmas come and gone. As the saying goes, "Until next year."


  1. Bittersweet!

    BTW on my ABC Wednesday this week, I'm featuring your photo of the sunflowers in the bicycle basket!!!
    It's beautiful, and the letter is "Y" for yellow!

    Thanks dear!

  2. your trees were beautiful and i am glad that you had a wonderful Christmas have to ask though what was in the extra stocking for you? love the photo of Jess and the boys

    love and miss you my sweet niece

    Peace and hugs

  3. Great photos, as usual.

    What a wonderful time for you all.

    It took us about a day to put all of our Christmas decorations. Two trees and other things. We were able to put it all away in half the time. Maryann is a great organizer.

    I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous new year.

    Thanks for sharing.