Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tests and More Tests!

Charlie's UCSF visit went well. At first, I wasn't happy with it. Our oncologist here, shared with us before we went, that our oncologist at UCSF had two surgeons to pick from and wanted us to see the more conservative surgeon opposed to the more aggressive surgeon. I thought to myself, 'Uhggg, he is going to drag his feet and we will be going back and forth.' The visit started out just the way I thought it would; the surgeon didn't want to do the surgery until he ran a few tests to see what was going on. He explained to us that it was a serious spine surgery and there would be reconstruction involved. The test he wanted to do is a Pet scan. This particular test would tell us more about the tissue and what was going on inside of Charlie. I thought, 'Well, why didn't they (the doctors) just do this one in the first place!' Well, we found out later it is because it is a nuclear test and this test is done only when necessary. It was at this moment I felt we were in good hands with this surgeon and therefore our oncologists; both here and in UCSF. The surgeon explained to us that when they get the scan results, all of the spine doctors and oncologists will sit around a table and discuss Charlie and what the best way to handle his case is. Charlie had this test done on Monday, and we are just waiting for the results. The surgeon explained to us, that it is not uncommon for a person to fracture a bone due to a prior accident from early on in life or a year ago. This weakens the bone and it does happen. It also happens from bone cancer. The surgeon wasn't comfortable that two biopsies Charlie has had, came back negative, although the tests suggest that he does indeed have bone cancer from the hot spots on his images. His last scan also shows that it is progressing up his spine. It's a lot... I know. After reading how the Pet scan works, I really feel good about this test. I think it will give us the answer we are needing so that we can deal with it or put it behind us and finally be able to go on with our lives one way or another.

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  1. PET scans are very helpful. Maryann had one during one of her bouts with cancer. It showed that she didn't have any cancer. It isn't used very often because too much radiation can be extremely harmful. But, then, you already know that. It sounds as though you are in good hands.

    Keep a positive attitude and lots of laughter in your life. It is very therapeutic. Our best to you both.

  2. Hi Sweet Angela ~~ I'm so in hopes that the Pet scans give you the answer you need to as you say "get on with things". We think of you often, and pray for you and Charlie.

    I agree with Jack, you are in good hands, and in "God's good hands."

    I love you, give my love to C.
    Wanda Mom

  3. my sweet keep positive thoughts and know that all of you are in our constant thoughts and prayers
    please let us know what you find out

    sending love and hugs always