Monday, November 23, 2009


How is it, I share a home with a General Contractor and a College Graduate, yet I am the only one who knows how to assemble this contraption? I find myself snickering every time I put the roll on.

I am sure they could conjure up more than a few things about moi.


  1. Perhaps you should let him know it is a simple machine. I bet if you could hook a motor to it he would make it work.

    Personally, I find it very cathartic to change the roll. Besides it keeps things cleaner. snerx.

    C'mon, Charlie, man up and make the change. (Pun unintended.) You'll feel better for it. It's another way to fend off dope slaps. giggle.

  2. They didn't teach preachers in Siminary either... Wasn't there a class called TP 101!

    Very funny Angela~~ I love it.

  3. I think Im going to do that on purpose now everytime I come over mom. Not that it wont take any effort. LOL! Making a (calvin & hobbs expression) :)

  4. very true I find that happens in my house as well

    love you

  5. Ahhhemmmmm....I am very good at putting this stupid thing on the ringer. However, it's a concept in psychology...You think "oh, someone else will do it, because I'm sick of doing it." You wait a while, and each time a person goes to the restroom they think, "I'm not doing it. No. I put my foot down. I'm NOT doing it. Let someone else." It just goes in circles like that until finally someone says, "What the heck. Am I the only one who knows how to put this darn thing on here!?" ...I think that's the real deal in this house...

  6. I loved all of your comments and it is so nice to know that I am not the only one who experiences this!

    Diandra ~ I think/know you are right!