Thursday, May 24, 2012

Starting Summer Off ~ With A Bang!

Charlie's starting the second phase of the beach house for his clients and asked me if I wanted to go with him. What could I say? But, "Of course!" 

This little Hummingbird seemed to be feeding constantly! 

There were so many different birds in this garden! At one point, we had to close the sliding glass doors to the beach house; I was afraid they were going to fly right into the house.

I tried to get a picture of this bright yellow bird all day. Ha ha... You should have seen me! I was hiding behind bushes and running to where it would fly. I think a lady was watching me through her huge window; I kept feeling like someone was watching.  I would look in her direction and there she would be.
I couldn't believe how fast it was! 

There were deer everywhere! 

Here is another bird. It reminded me of a skunk with the markings on his head.

I believe this little fawn spotted me. What a cutie!

Flowers on the beach ~

More deer....

Sigh ~ The ocean. 


  1. This looks a beautiful place. The flowers, the birds and animals and the ocean. What more could anyone ask for. Enjoy the weekend Angie..


    1. I absolutely agree Sheila! When Charlie is working there and I'm here at home, I'll ask him if he has seen any deer or interesting birds... he responds, "Pfft! I'm working Ange!" :(
      I guess he really isn't on a vacation.

  2. Momma! Oh my goodness. You told me zilch about this!

    1. You have to come next time ~ only NO books allowed! AND breathing is required. ;)

  3. I am SO there!

    Hey, a leisurely book is allowed. No? ;)

    1. No ~

      Just your mind, eyes, touching, and breathing. That's it. :)

  4. what a wonderful way to start your summer vacation.

    love and miss you