Sunday, October 30, 2011

Through A Child's Eye ~

I don't particularly like Halloween and all the spooky, scary, totally over the top mix of horror and gore that goes with it. Although, I do enjoy looking at it through a child's eye. To a child, it is one day out of the year that he/she can dress up like their favorite hero or someone they would like to be. Or a day the children are free to express their imagination in a concrete way by becoming a beautiful flower or a giant piece of pepperoni pizza!

When my children were younger, we would discuss what they wanted to be and start making a list of items to gather or buy at the local craft store. We would also scour the racks of thrift stores for unique products that could be altered. The preparation of "the costume" was full of anticipation; just waiting to see the finished product. As the final touches were added, I can recall the expressions of sheer delight and glee that could be seen on their little faces. It was priceless!

The night of Halloween , with all the carved pumpkins lit and my little ones empty bags waiting to be filled; the kids could be seen skipping joyfully up to each door in the neighborhood shouting, "TRICK OR TREAT!"

*In the photos above are three of my nieces, Alexis, Deja and Denille.


  1. Beautiful little girls, and happy memories!
    I hope they get lots of treats, and Aunt Angela doesn't get too spooked!

  2. The girls looked very cute in their dress up costumes

    hugs and love