Saturday, August 6, 2011

To See The Beauty ~

During a recent conversation, my mom shared with me early one morning, while the kids were still sleeping, she went in her back yard to drink her coffee. As she sat there, she couldn't help but think how much her life had changed since she took custody and guardianship of my sister's four children. As I listened to my mom talk, I could hear the sadness in her voice. She went on to tell me how even her back yard is in a complete disarray. I tried to encourage her and lift her spirits by pointing out what a blessing she was being there for my sister and the children. I also pointed out how the back yard has been a place of refuge and allowing the kids to be kids. It's a good thing.

Not long ago, I watched the kids for my mom and took some picture's that caught my eye while I played with my nieces and nephew. I love my mom's back yard. It's as if you are walking through an outdoor garden article in a Country Living Magazine. I sent her this collage and told her she may have to look at everything through different eyes to see the beauty.

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  1. you can see things differently when you see them in a different light

    awesome post
    sending love and hugs