Monday, November 22, 2010


When Charlie is away working on a beach house, he gets poor reception on his cell phone. We have discovered in order to talk, he has to stand in this one spot and without moving, we then, can talk. He also doesn't have a computer there and without computer access, he has no way of knowing how he is doing on Fantasy Football . Right now he is 9-1. That is nine wins and one loss! Last Wednesday he called me and walked me through his Fantasy Football team page to see if he had any players playing on Thursday. I told him he only had players playing on Sunday and Monday. He asked, "Are you sure? Because I will be upset if you mess this up!"
I said, "Oh no pressure felt there, my love."

He made it home late Friday night and went and checked on the computer if I had read it right.
I teasingly told him, "The Jets played the Cubs Thursday night." as he walked into the office.
He yelled back, "Well, we are in trouble then!"
I got nervous and ran into the office and I asked, "Why?"
He said with a grin, "That would mean a baseball team played a football team. Sheesh Angela, get your sports right at least." and then kissed me on the forehead.

I guess that would help a little.


*Fantasy Football image from Google images.


  1. Oh how funny.... I laughing at both of you kids!!!! How sweet it is ~~ Love!

  2. May you have a wonderful start to your holiday season.

  3. you my sweet niece and my nephew Charlie are to funny!

    Love you bunches

  4. I just cant get into it...