Saturday, December 20, 2008

Planes ~ Trains? and Automobiles

Santa at Monterey Fisherman's Wharf

“Life is what happens to you while
you're busy making other plans”

John Lennon

It is good to make plans, but it is also good not to count on them because life always has it's own plans. That is when being able "to go with the flow" really kicks in. You need to be flexible; be able to bend. I feel like I have been doing the human pretzel this past year.

Rob and Nessa's plane was supposed to arrive at 9:50 P.M. last night. With all of the storms, they were told it could take up to two days to get to their destination. We were very disappointed to say the least. We had to look at the bright side and know that getting here safely was priority. On the plane from Omaha, Rob said that when they boarded the plane they had to wait for people to volunteer to get off because there was too much weight. About seven people volunteered and the stewardess's had to pick the remaining three. Rob expressed it was the worst feeling.

They were stuck at Salt Lake City Airport all night. The hotels had to stop their shuttles to the airport because of the snow. Rob made a makeshift tent with their jackets and the chairs (That's my boy; taking care of his girl and making the best of it). He said they woke up this morning to people sitting in all of the chairs around them. Can you imagine?

At one time, we were trying to figure out how to get them here sooner. We talked about driving to Utah or seeing if the train was in route to and from there to here.
After having to switch airports, the plane is on schedule today and they should arrive here later (We didn't need the train..). We have lost half a day of our visit but arriving safely is what really matters.
It is better than two days!
Rob and Nessa are exhausted and can not wait to get here.
I can not wait either...


  1. What joy when they do get here. It sounds like the weather is just playing havoc with most peoples travel plans this Xmas! I heard over 200 flights were canceled out of Chicago yesterday alone! Yikes! Better to see them here safely, than not at all!

  2. The best part of this time of year is the time it gives us with family and friends... What you say about flexibility with plans is so very true... It allows us to flow with life rather than fight against it... to just let go...and let God.

    Much love to you dear friend and wishing a most peaceful, happy Christmas for you and your family,


  3. They will be happy when they arrive
    and you will have a wonderful visit.

    I am glad that Rob used his skills for him and Nessa.

    enjoy them and give them a hug for me!

    your right going with flow!!

    hugs and love

  4. I hope that you enjoy your time with them. Be glad their not flying in here as I heard on the news that some of the flights out of pdx may not get back on schedule to xmas eve.

  5. The destination is worth the challenges of the journey.

    The blessing is that you care enough to worry about them.

    May love, peace and prosperity be with you all.

  6. Oh my Angela..... the flexible lane... how often we have to ride there.

    You gracious spirit at looking at the bright side is a reminder that God is the Blessed Controller!

    I could just see the jacket tents in the airport.... what a guy!

    Love and Hugs and enjoy the kids and give them a hug from us.

    Wanda Mom, and Pastor Dad

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