Wednesday, September 10, 2008


mom's bird house ~ setting it free

Being Free

I fly above the trees. Care I less who sees.
I am free, controls on me can not be. I fly beyond, as far as you can see.
To walk upon the ground. I would not be found.
I glide tireless on air currents above. You shall never call me dove.
Hear my scream if you come near. The sound of freedom many men fear.
Who am I? The Eagle most men never see. I am your spirit, set free.

by james smith

Recently my daughter Diandra visited her brother in Nebraska and I was alone for a week. When I say "alone" I am talking about not having any of my kids with me. It was an emotional week and it wasn't because she was gone, It was because of where I was at in my life. It was a time for me to be very honest and I found myself having to face a lot of fears that I have had for some time. I got used to pushing them aside, down and anywhere I could put them so that I didn't have to deal with them. This last month I looked at each one of them that came up right in the face. I moved through those feelings and came out on the other side. On that other side I had some new insights. What happened next was really unexpected. I found that I had transformed into a higher version of myself, a more authentic version of who I really am. This new insight even made me feel grateful for that painful experience because I liked who I grew to be because of it. Facing your fears enables you to rid yourself of buried emotions. By coming to face-to-face with what you are afraid of, you are able to free yourself. You also offer yourself an opportunity to grow from the experience. In the end, you may discover you like YOU not in spite of what happened to you but because of what happened to you. We often wish to overcome our fears and the things that stop us. Yet that is not an easy process, nor one which will come and go quickly... for our fears are deeply ingrained in everything we do. However it is in the very act of stepping into new territories... new dances... in facing our fears and weaknesses... in addressing them that we begin the changing process. Love of something that we long for or need more than our fears is what makes change possible.

I am feeling stronger than I have in a long time.


  1. First of all I love your photo. This is a great shot..!
    As for fear, once you face it, it is no longer a fear, but I think it's easier to say than to do. By being without your kids it gave you the opportunity to face your fear, instead of burying it, so being alone was not a bad thing.
    I'm glad you came out the other side with a new focus.
    big hugs

  2. I am so proud of you mia,
    it does my heart good to know
    that you are conquering the fears
    and coming out stronger than ever!

    wising you love and peace in this new self journey.

    still waiting for you to email me about dinner!!

    ((( hugs))

  3. WOW!!!

    How wonderful for you to be able to take the journey and realize what you have just accomplished.

    CONGRATULATIONS for your courage. Thanks for sharing.

    It is obvious that you have discovered the power of love that is in us all. I suspect that our greatest fear is recognizing that power and embracing it.

    Love seems so ephemeral and soft that it cannot provide protection. Yet love is what binds us together in all of our diversity. It has to be the strongest armor we can don. It is our strength at all times

    Your bravery is to be emulated. Thank you for being a guide.

    PS: The photo is absolutely gorgeous. I am envious.

    Continue to...
    serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart/soul.

  4. How beautifully written... What a beautiful heart you have and you are growing into that godly woman I saw when we were together last time.

    I love your dear one...

    Wanda Mom

  5. Beautiful reflective post. When ever we have alone time it seems like an invitation for all our fears and regrets to surface. Facing them and working through them takes courage. Your photograph is divine.
    (((A big hug for you journey)))