Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Making Decisions

garden seat's

decide ~ 1: to bring to a final choice or judgement 2: to bring to a definitive end 3: to induce to come to a choice


I have a hard time with this... I can stand in an isle at a store for many minutes trying to come to a decision between something. Although I do not have this problem at the grocery store. A store representative will undoubtedly come by and ask me if they can help me with something. I am sure they have gotten a call from someone watching the cameras in their "special little room" overseeing the building to come and assist the strange lady just standing in isle two. I will then tell them what my problem is. At time's, I welcome their help and sometime's, I just want to be left alone from sheer embarrassment.

For quite some time, I have had my eye on this particular garden stool they kept advertising at Target. They went on sale around my birthday and both my mom and husband had gotten me one without the other one knowing it. I not only got one, but two of these beautiful garden seats! They are really big and I knew that I had to take one of them back. I know looking at them, you would think that they are just green garden stools. But, they aren't. The glaze is different. One is more of a greenish-yellow and the other is a moss green. They both look great in my family room... but I had to choose (I really wanted to keep both of them, but my husband and daughter would not let me "forget" that I had to choose between the two). I had the receipt to both of them and they had a time limit from the date they were purchased. I waited until the very last day that I had to take one of them back and even then, I couldn't do it. I sent my daughter to take it back. So, I made my decision. It was so hard!

I know that this is a trait that I have given my daughter...she can give you countless stories about her own indecisiveness. Please, tell me that we are not alone here. Do you too have a hard time making up your mind? If so, with what types of items?


  1. I can be incredibly indecisive. I drive myself crazy. I would love to share some examples, but I can't decide which ones!
    Seriously though, I understand the shopping thing. I am a great procrastinator. Even for small things like muesli (granola). As for the bigger things... it took me over 12 months to decide o upgrade my computer and now I look back and wonder at why I waited so long.

  2. I have the same problem many times on all things!

  3. I believe this to be another trait that runs in our family! nice to know that my daughter is in very good company with you and Diandra!!

    love, hugs, kisses

  4. I would love to have this trait, Angela. I am rather the impulsive, don't think it through, I like it, I get it ~ period. Then have to back track and return it sometimes because I made my decision to fast.

    I'm so task oriented I want to get it done, and now!!!

    So I long to have that quality of taking time.....

    I would have get both in a wink!!

  5. I'm generally pretty decisive, and I think I would have decided to keep both. No, you may not need them, but each was charming and I could think of a dozen things that wouldn't bring me as much pleasure as having two of those.

    To me they seem like art objects as much as my drawing of my horse. ARen't we strange about the things we love to have around. Usually, I can choose pretty easily, but there are times when two seems the most reasonable choice.

  6. Did you choose the moss green one? That would have been my choice.
    Or both of them. lol

  7. You are definitely not alone. My last indecision was over scatter cushions. I went back to the shop I don't know how many times and when I finally made a move and took them home they just didn't look right so back they went with my husbands voice ringing in my ears..."You always do this!". I think I'm worse when cash is low and I know I should be spending it on things like electric extension cords and a new iron or other equally boring items.

  8. Angela, I hope things are going well with you and Charlie. I still click and say a prayer for his health each morning.

  9. are you still deciding?

    hee hee
    xox d

  10. I so do this on a regular basis in my personal life at work I don't find it as hard. Much love to all of you.